IMG_4457.jpgAt Escalante Chiropractic, we treat each patient like family, because feeling cared for and having a pleasant experience enhances wellness and health. 

Our MISSION is to educate our community about the many benefits of chiropractic care as a lifestyle, in order to achieve optimal wellness and health.

Our PASSION is to get to know you each patient, their unique situation and understand their health challenges, all while walking with them through the journey toward total wellness.

Our GOAL is to help each patient achieve THEIR wellness goals by tailoring each treatment plan to every patient's unique needs.  

Our FOCUS is not only understanding the patient's condition, but also addressing Nutrition, Mental/Emotional Wellness and Lifestyle (work and play) to achieve true wellness.

Our METHOD involves addressing any abnormal spinal curvatures and movement, as well as abnormal posture, through using Mirror Image adjusting  techniques, Physical Therapy  and Massage for the purpose of stabilizing and strengthening the spine.

At Escalante Chiropractic, we pride ourselves in not only treating a variety of disorders with the latest chiropractic science, but also with compassion and understanding for the total person. Dr. Morales and the staff are fully bilingual (English/Spanish), allowing for maximum opportunity to meet the needs of our vibrant and diverse Escondido community.





From the Treatment Room to the Sidelines

Congratulations to Dr. Morales for her selection to be the Classical Academy High School Athletics Team Doctor and official Invest Sponsor



Copa Univision 2014

On Saturday, August 16, hundreds of coed, male and female soccer teams ranging from 10 years old to over 30, competed in the annual Copa Univision 6 on 6 Soccer Tournament.  Dr. Morales was out there making sure the Escondido Mayas players were ready to play their best, pain free! The Mayas advanced to bracket play before getting eliminated 2-1. Great job Escondido Mayas!


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